Mount Iwaki lodging Wonderland

Mount Iwaki. Shirakami Mountains nature guide center

Mount Iwaki nature school

"It is the small hotel of the Iwaki foot of a mountain to stay, and to donate a cafe and mountain climbing and a natural guide"
Mount Iwaki of the early winter  Hot-spring hotel of the cafe & lunch

A stay is to a pension wonderland in a natural flowing irrigation hot spring.

It is most suitable for mountain climbing on a trip to Tsugaru and is the hotel where is full of information of Tsugaru!

Guests traveling with dogs also are available.

I'm sorry for smokers, the facility is a non-smoking property in the entire building.

Guide map to Lodging Wonderland

It takes 35 minutes by car from Hirosaki Station.

A 1-minute walk from getting off from the Ito-Yokado bus terminal by Karekitai going bus for 50 minutes in front of Iwaki fish farm.(From Ito-Yokado Bus Terminal 50 minutes by bus to Krekitai bus, 1 minute walk from Iwaki fish farm

From Owani Hirosaki interchange of the Tohoku Expressway 50 minutes via the apple road.

A signboard of UCC near Iwaki Skyline entrance is a landmark

Guidance of the lodging Wonderland of the natural gravity-feed irrigation hot spring

About the hotel charges

Per person (all-inclusive) 8500 Yen

During The peak season for one person's does not accept offers. From more two available.

B&b 6,000 yen per person

(I also receive Nebuta Festival and an entry behind the Hirosaki park cherry blossoms by night.). Please use it. (Only cash payment, cancel the card from 2010.)

Staying overnight without meals 5000 yen.

About facilities

I should have been all the buildings no smoking. The smoker asks in a doorway.

Guest room      All seven Western-style room (2 twins. 4 triples. 1 fourth)

22 seating capacity (some extras Bet use)

The bath can be taken anytime in a natural hot spring

I do not have the facilities of the air conditioner (one only in the dining room).

Here are the hot days in the summer and dry, not too hot, only a few days.

Please enjoy a firefly and a star-filled sky at night.

Night clothes (yukata), the bath towel become the pay (for each 350 yen). It should be brought. (a face towel, shampoo, a body soap, the toothbrush prepares)

Please have the meal in a dining room. The eating and drinking in the room have you decline

 Time available for room is from 3:00 p.m. to next day 10:00 a.m.

 Towards the mountaineer, I can offer breakfast from an early morning. The rice ball lunch (600 yen) is done, so please apply at the time of a reservation.

The application of the day before becomes the lunch (350 yen) only for "rice balls".

 We emigrated to Aomori, and it's been 34 years. Two of us couple become some age, and young children completely support large personality us. With Jason (The left) of the regular customer, hard worker Charlie (the right) is a woofer (helper). テキスト ボックス:
Summer lodging Wonderland
    The craft work which was set beside a dining room
Playroom with the fireplace

           Twin room 
                Dinner of one day
        second floor corridor             Fourth room  
The bath of the natural hot spring is wrapped in a fragrance of the hiba.

Fountain quality sodium. Magnesium. Calcium - chloride. Hydrogen carbonate salt
An effect: The taboo symptom based on the spring quality of the medical treatment spring classification, the indication are as follows

Active stage of illness (especially when there is fever) · In cases of active physical tuberculosis, advanced malignancy or advanced anemia such as severe body weakness · Heavy heart or lung diseases, which are stuffy when moving slightly, as if swollen Heavy liver disease · Gastrointestinal bleeding, when there is visible bleeding · Acute exacerbation period of chronic illness

There is no special thing with our facilities and dish. However, I am proud of time of in excess nature and delicious air, water and nature drifting relatedly above all. I am absorbed in reading by bringing in a book to want to read and am absorbed in a hot spring and how about the natural state of perfect spiritual concentration. We support way of life that is such Rojas.   Owner

I am very sorry towards the regular smoker, but become the all the buildings smoking cessation. I ask in smoking place.




Hot-spring hotel of the mountaineer

As for the owner is singular professional guide in this district (association of Japanese mountains guide authorization), Mount Iwaki and Shirakami Mountains' information and the advice of Hakkoda Mountains are provided.

Inquiry & application

036-1345  12-5, aza-Kuromori, ooaza-Tokiwano,Hirosaki-shi, Aomori, Japan

Hot spring lodging Wonderland